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LED Par Can Lights

Model Number:   N\A
Vendor:   Roar Sounds
Availablity: In stock

Price Per Unit ৳ 300.00

Minimum order quantity: 5
Perfect to bookend your DJ booth or to wash a dance floor. For outstanding overall light coverage, the Par Can Lights combines spectacular brightness, vibrant colors, extreme durability and simple operation in a compact lighting fixture. Features: 1) 12 x 3-watt tri-color LEDs with dual-layer optics, 2) Vibrant color and illumination, 3) Class-leading LED technology minimizes drops in brightness, 4) Easy access menu, 5) Bold red, green, yellow and blue primary colors, 6) 7 Static colors, 7) 4 Preset lighting programs, 8) Clear protective lens covering LED elements, 9) Dual-yoke design for stable aiming from lighting stands, installation, or floor, 10) Built-In pass through for safety cables, 11) 4 Operating modes.